Top 10 Places to Visit in Shimla 

It is a wide-open street located in the heart of Shimla, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and is the most photographed part of the city

The Ridge

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It is the main shopping and entertainment hub of Shimla, lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and colonial-era buildings. One can shop for souvenirs and local handicrafts

Mall Road

The historic church is the most popular landmark of Shimla and is one of the oldest churches in North India. It was built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1857

Christ Church

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Set amidst the lush green background of the Shivalik hill ranges, the highest point in Shimla, the ancient Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman

Jakhu Temple

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It is a beautiful hill station located about 16 km from Shimla, popular for its snow-laden peaks, zoo and adventure activities like skiing, tobogganing, and horse riding


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Located on top of the hill Tara Parvat, it is 250 years old and devoted to the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Tara, believed to be one of the nine sisters of Goddess Durga

Tara Devi Temple

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It is a scenic journey and enjoyable train ride connecting Kalka to Shimla along the Himalayan Queen Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Kalka-Shimla Toy Train

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It is a small town and one of seven hills that surround Shimla. Located on the Shimla-Kalka railway line, it offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains

Summer Hill

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Situated at a height of 9000 feet and surrounded by forests and woodlands, Narkanda is a quaint little town in Shimla popular for skiing in winters 


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Located amidst dense forests and rocky terrain, it is a popular spot for nature lovers. The best time to visit the Falls is during monsoons when it is in its full glory 

Chadwick Falls

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