Top 12 Famous Temples in India

One of the most famous temples in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi, a form of the Devi Parvati and her consort, Sundareshwarar, a form of Shiva

Meenakshi Temple

Located in Prabhas Patan, Gujarat, it is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus and holds the distinction of being the first among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva

Somnath Temple

Located in Varanasi it is one of the most famous Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was constructed by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar in 1780

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Located in the Garhwal Himalayas near the Mandakini River, it is among the most visited temples in India and the only Shivlinga which has a conical rock formation

Kedarnath temple

It is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas in the town of Badrinath along the banks of the Alaknanda River. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is a part of the Panch Badri Temples

Badrinath Temple

One of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites located in Puri. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Vishnu and is famous for its annual Ratha Yatra

Shri Jagannatha

Located on the banks of the Cauvery River in Thanjavur, it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Great Living Chola Temples, builtby Chola Emperor Rajaraja I

Brihadishvara Temple

Rameswaram means ‘Lord of Rama’ in Sanskrit and is considered one of the holiest places for Hindus in India. It is located on Pamban Island and is one of the ‘Char Dham’

Rameswaram Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the cave temple is known for the naturally occurring ice Shiva Lingam. Devotees visit it in large numbers from June to August during the annual Amarnath Yatra

Shri Amarnath Cave

Nestled in the Trikuta hills of Jammu, it is one of the most revered Hindu Pilgrimage sites. The cave temple, houses three sacred ‘pindis’ or stone representations of three energy forms

Vaishno Devi Mandir

Dedicated to Venkateswara a form of Lord Vishu, the temple is also known as Kaliyuga Vaikuntha. It is one of the richest temples in the world in terms of donations received and wealth

Venkateswara Swamy Temple

It is the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world, spread across an area of 155 acres. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha and is among the 108 Divya Desams

Ranganathaswamy Temple