Top 10 Cleanest Villages in India You Must Visit

Nestled in the East Khasi hills, the tiny village is locally called as God’s Own Garden’. It is located around 72 km from Shillong and is known as the cleanest village in Asia


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Located on the Brahmaputra River near Jorhat, Assam, Majuli is not only the largest river island in the world but also one of the cleanest, lush green and pollution-free villages in India


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It is an offbeat travel destination, a beautiful village in Arunachal Pradesh famous for its stunning landscapes, Pine Hills and annual Ziro Music Festival organized by Apatani Tribe


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It is a paradise for trekkers, backpackers and nature lovers, situated along the banks of the Parvati River; Kasol is a small enchanting village with stunning landscapes and views


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It is one of the greenest districts in Kerala and paradise for nature lovers. It is known for Wildlife sanctuaries, lush green hills, spice plantation and cascading waterfalls


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Cleanest village in Karnataka and one of the wettest villages in the world. It is an ideal destination for pilgrims, trekkers, and nature-lovers


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It is a small village situated in the Sahyadri range on the Western Ghats. Located 100 kms from Mumbai it is a beautiful, pollution free village and no vehicles are allowed here


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A paradise for water sports enthusiasts, this peaceful village in Lakshadweep is surrounded by water on all sides. It boasts stunning and colorful marine life along with unique corals


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A model village in Nagaland, it is India’s first green village renowned for its community-based efforts in cleanliness and sustainable tourism


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It is a very quiet and picturesque village located in the beautiful Spiti valley very close to the Tibetan border. It is known for its incredibly clean air and atmosphere


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