Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India 2023

Indore has retained the first rank of the cleanest city in India since the first edition of the cleanliness survey was launched


The diamond city of India stands second in this list. It is first Indian city that adopted 100 percent door-to-door solid waste collection coverage used to generate power for the city


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Navi Mumbai stands third on this list and is a beautifully planned city that works on 3R ideology which means  reuse, recycling, and reducing

Navi Mumbai

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The temple town of Chhattisgarh, also uses 3R system and has a unique system of exchanging plastic waste for promoting cleanliness and sustainability


The Garden City Mysore stands at the fifth rank in the cleanest city survey and achieved the position because of excellent  garbage segregation and well-planned waste management


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Vijayawada features in this because of its excellent initiatives of solid waste management and public hygiene campaigns


Largest city in Gujarat has a superb waste management system, green initiatives promoting fresh air and regular monitoring of water bodies


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The capital city of India has shown considerable improvement in cleanliness with its extensive initiatives aimed at reducing pollution and beautification of the city

New Delhi

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Located in the eastern region of Maharashtra, is known for its efforts to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It has banned plastic bags and encourage door-to-door garbage collection 


Khargone is another city from Madhya Pradesh that reached the list of the cleanest city in India with the help of community driven programs and waste management